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Kopenhagen Fur is cooperatively owned by the members of the Danish Fur Breeders Association founded in 1930. In 1946, the association acquired 'Kjøbenhavns Pelscentral' and renamed it Danish Fur Auctions. Since then, the auction house has expanded to a staff of about 400 dedicated professionals. Today, Kopenhagen Fur is the name for both the association and the auction house itself.

Located just outside of Copenhagen in Glostrup, Kopenhagen Fur holds five auctions a year, offering around 21 million mink skins, as well as fox, Swakara, chinchilla, seal, sable, rex rabbit and karakul skins.

Due to the sheer volume of skins sold through the auction house, highly skilled sorters and the use of advanced technology, Kopenhagen Fur is able to provide the best and most comprehensive range of fur skin types. This has established Kopenhagen Fur as the market leader. A position we have held for decades.

Since its inception, Kopenhagen Fur's overall goal has been to develop, optimise and refine fur skin production by gathering and sharing knowledge, employing state-of-the-art equipment and ensuring the most humane conditions. With this intense focus on development comes an entrepreneurial spirit, which is at the core of Kopenhagen Fur's values. Our corporate strategy is based on a very clear objective: To continue to be the global leader in the fur business, providing the best labelling system and quality assurance for customers. As we evolve our position as the most innovative partner to the fur and fashion industry


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